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Institutional training is required to become a competent driver. There are many driving schools in the capital Dhaka that provide motor vehicle driving training. But most of them are not standard. This report has recorded the top ten motor vehicle driving training centers in Dhaka by observing on the ground.

Top 10 and best driving school or training centers in Dhaka (the Capital of Bangladesh) in 2023:

Pathway Driving Training School

It is the best driving training school in Bangladesh in terms of driving modules and international standard training. This BRTA registered driving school is a subsidiary of Pathway, a reputed non-profit charity. The trainees of Pathway Driving Training School based in Mirpur have to undergo compulsory theory classes along with practical classes. As a result, the school has occupied the top position in the country in terms of training system. There is a special training system for men and women of all levels of the country as well as for people of the third gender. Engine mechanics and maintenance of each vehicle are taught hands-on at the school. Free learning is also available where applicable.

Each of Pathway’s instructors is BRTA approved and provides defensive and safe driving training on the road. Here the course fee ranges from Tk 6000 to Tk 10000. This is the only driving school in the country where students get all class updates from online admission. [Click here to visit Pathway Driving Training School website]

BRTC Training Institute

It is a nationwide driving training initiative run by Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC). All the instructors of these government institute courses are licensed driving instructors. After completing the course, the test for the license can be given at the training center in Tejgaon itself. The test is conducted under the Driving Competency Test Board.

A 4-week basic driving course fee for light vehicles is 6,000 Tk, while an 8-week heavy vehicle driving course will cost Tk 9,000. For advanced learning, the 2-week light car driving course fee is 3,500 Taka and the heavy car driving course fee is 4,500 taka. 3,500 taka for a 2-week motorcycle driving course.

BRAC Driving School

BRAC, one of the private companies in the country, has been providing driving training facilities since November 2012. They have spread their activities in Gulshan and Uttara, the main areas of the capital. The school’s trainings include 12 days residential training and 35 days non-residential training.

In training, blind sight control is achieved while driving. 28 driving classes and 5 theory classes with 3 simulators out of total 33 classes. The fee for driving only is Tk 8,550 while learning with a learning card will cost Tk 9,940. Here, the cost of amateur driving license is Tk 15,600 and for professional Tk 14,600.

Bangladesh Driving Training Institute (BDTI)

BDDTI has been providing driving lessons across the capital in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Uttara, Mirpur areas. There is facility of hostel accommodation during training. However, the course fees for private or one-to-one sessions are comparatively higher. Their specialty is that at the end of the course, they provide job opportunities to the candidates in their own institutes.

BDDTI’s courses are beginner, intermediate and advanced; This is divided into three levels. Bikes, Manual & Auto; They are teaching driving for three cars. Course fees range from Tk 2,500 to Tk 10,000 depending on the vehicle and course type at the school.

Ma Technical Driving Training Centre

Based in Gulshan and Tejgaon industrial areas, the courses are conducted by BRTA (Bangladesh Road Transport Authority) trained masters. There is special training for men as well as women. The one-and-a-half to two-month courses provide the support necessary to obtain a license with engine performance.

A fee of Tk 5000 to Tk 7000 is charged for three categories of full, medium and short driving courses. Training is given in auto or manual or both gear vehicles based on the trainees’ choice. These courses are conducted in morning and evening shifts. Morning starts from 6 am and evening starts around 7 pm.

Shimu Driving School

Shimu Driving School established in the area adjacent to Mirpur and Dhaka Cantonment is approved by the Government of Bangladesh. Driving training has been imparted here with road safety as a prime concern since inception.

Apart from training the public, Shimu Driving School has also provided driving training for many public and private corporate companies. Among the two courses in this school, the golden course fee for 1 month is Tk 10,000 and the silver course for 20 days is Tk 8,000.

Asia Driving School

This driving school established in 1995 is one of the most popular driving schools in Old Dhaka. Everyone in the area thronged this training center in Salimullah Orphanage Market on Azimpur Road to understand each section of the driving test. BRTA and traffic police approved driving training center course fees range from Tk 3,500 to Tk 9,500 based on different categories.

Taltala Motor Driving Training School

This training center is one of the best places to learn driving in Khilgaon area. Owner Muhammad Ali Hossain is himself a skilled driver and is the chief instructor here. Among the local driving centers, this instructor has the most facilities in terms of vehicle license and registration. This BATA approved training facility also has facilities for women to learn driving.

TTI Driving Training Centre

BRTA Authorized Driving Training Center TTI. BRTA Certified Professional Trainer M. A. Rob is the Director of TTI and teaches driving under his own supervision. This driving school, located in the area adjacent to Green Road in Panthpath, charges 10,000 Tk for a 1-month course for 5 days a week. Students can learn driving from here at a special discount. There are special arrangements for the training of women.

National Driving School

National Driving School in Dhanmondi is the trusted name for driving skills. Along with driving theory and practical classes, there are opportunities to acquire mechanical skills.

The school has 30 classes of courses including 24 practical classes and 6 theory classes. Due to the location of the center at Dhanmondi-27, its trainees are spread from nearby Panthpath to Lalmatia and Mohammadpur.

The number of road accidents is constantly increasing in Bangladesh. On an average, more than 10,000 people die and about 20,000 people are injured in road accidents every year. Transport drivers can play an important role in preventing road accidents. In this case, the driver must be competent.
In order to prove yourself as a competent driver or drivers, it is necessary to take formal driving training. For which you can take your driving training from the mentioned top ten driving schools. But of course you should decide on admission by visiting the driving schools in Sarzamin and seeing the facilities provided by them.

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