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There is no substitute for a driving license in terms of validity for driving anywhere in the country. It is not only a permit to drive any type of motor vehicle but also an essential document for identification purposes in various national and international activities.

Moreover, according to Section 3 of the Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983, no person can drive on any public road without a driving license. Driving vehicle without driving license is a punishable offense. So, let’s know the easy way to get driving license fast without broker.

Rules for driving license without broker in 2024

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) issues motor vehicle driving license. According to their information,

  • The minimum educational qualification of driving license applicant is JSC/8th class pass.
  • Age should be minimum 18 years for amateur and minimum 21 years for a professional driving license.
  • Must be mentally and physically healthy.

Application for learner or apprentice driving license

As the prerequisite for a driving license is – Possession of learner or apprentice driving license. So applicant must first apply online for learner or apprentice driving license. One can apply for learner or apprentice driving license from BRTA’s portal in no time. However, in this case, scan copies of necessary documents should be prepared in advance. The required documents are:

  1. Candidate/applicant photograph of 300 x 300 pixels size maximum 150 KB.
  2. Scan copy of the filled medical certificate form with the signature of the registered doctor should be less than 600 Kb. [Click to Download Form]
  3. National Identity Card (NID) or Birth Registration Certificate or Passport (less than 600 KB).
  4. Utility bill of current address i.e. gas, electricity or water bill (max 600 KB).

Application Process in BRTA Seva Batayan (service delivery)

First of all, go to BRTA Seva Batayan (service delivery) and register with NID. [Link to Service Provider Website]

The application form should be filled with the same information as the NID. At this time, the date and time of the exam will be automatically determined after the applicant selects the exam venue.

The learner’s driving license will be generated as soon as the fee is deposited in the last step of the learner’s driving license application. In this case, the application fee for category-1 is 518 taka and category-2 is 748 taka.

It should be used on the day of the test as a driving test admit card or permit.

Driving license tests

A candidate or applicant has to pass three tests to get a driving license. These are: written, oral and field tests. At this level of getting a driving license, many pass the test with the help of a broker for an additional Tk 2000 to 10000. But if an applicant takes driving training from a quality driving school or under the supervision of a competent trainer, these tests will be very easy for him. As a result driving license can be obtained without resorting to brokers.

Presently biometrics (digital photograph, digital signature and fingerprint) of the candidate/customer is taken on the day of the driving test itself.

Application for Driving License Smart Card

After clearing the written, oral, and field tests, one has to apply again for the smartcard driving license at the concerned circle office by submitting the required documents and fee in a prescribed form.

Smartcard Driving License Fee

  • Professional driving license fee with 5 year renewal fee is Tk 2,487.
  • 4,212 Tk for amateur driving license fee including 10-year renewal fee.

To obtain a driving license smart card, one has to apply through the prescribed free deposit. In this case, a dope test certificate must be submitted for a professional driving license application. A temporary/provisional driving license will first be issued from BRTA upon successful application. Where the time of receipt of the smart card will be mentioned. In that case, the driving license has to be collected from the concerned BRTA circle on the specified date.

However, at present driving license is delivered by courier from BRTA. In this case, the prescribed delivery fee has to be paid at the time of application.

How to get Dope test certificate?

Dope test forms and reminders should be collected from any circle office of BRTA along with a learner license or NID card photocopy.
Dope tests can be done from any hospital designated by BRTA along with the form. In this case, depending on the hospital, the dope test fee can be from 800 to 1000 taka.

It should be noted that at present driving license is issued from BRTA within two to three months. So it is foolish for a driving trainee to resort to a broker for a driving license.

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